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Europe’s #1 Bestselling
Gyroplane Adventure

NEW +++ For your eyes only...” - WELTFLUG readers click here for photos +++ NEW

1 Childhood Dream | 1 Pilot Couple | 18 Months | 5 Continents

To be free and fly away from everyday life...
The Gyroplane Dream is the motivating story about the realization
of a childhood dream, which seemed to be impossible:
  • Enjoy the first of its kind adventure by gyroplane
  • Fly low level above the most beautiful places on earth
  • Immerse in mystic cultures on five continents
  • Be inspired by childhood dreams around the world
  • Get the world at home in book and on movie
Take off with your personal Weltflug.tv edition in Full HD.
Learn more about the first world tour by gyroplane, here.

Thanks for the 2 DVDs to arrive. I bought the other 3 some time ago and was
very impressed.
” (Glen from Australia)
Congratulations !! You cant imagine the envy that makes me watch your video.
(Marcos from Spain)
I loved every part of the book ! What an adventure !” (Guilherme from Brazil)
your story really grab me deeply...” (Louis from South Africa)
I just started watching your blu rays & i find them really inspirational.
(Andrea from Italy)
Wow. Fantastic!!!! Amazing!!!! Congratulations to both of you.
(Bert fromThailand)
Great! I really enjoyed watching it!” (Arnold from the Netherlands)
BRAVO BRAVO !!!!!!!! I received the DVDs this morning , all are wonderful...
(Hubert from Andora
“I really enjoyed it.” (Bob from the USA)
Melanie & Andreas Stuetz learnt to fly to relize their childhood
dream and asked people around the world about their dreams.
The couple supports with the sale of the book Weltflug and the
Weltflug.tv series the children
s charity terre des hommes.
To make childhood dreams come true!

trip of a lifetime” (Powered Sport Flying Magazine)
Flying like James Bond” (Thüringer Allgemeine)
205 Minutes of Dreaming” (Flügel - Das Magazin)
Mega-Tour by Gyrocopter: The whole World on Movie [...] a top gift for everyone
with wanderlust and love of adventure
” (aerokurier)